NRI Facebook WhatsApp Group House Rules

NRI Facebook WhatsApp Group House Rules

WhatsApp/Facebook Groups House Rules

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  1. Please feel free to create your own groups if you don’t like our policies below. Admins have a day job to do just like you guys and they can’t monitor these group chats whole day.  Our groups have house rules which you are requested to abide by or please leave the house. Any sort of arguments with Admins will surely get you banned. Our groups are not Free-for-all debate platforms (for that please go to Twitter).
  2. Our Groups are not just another whatsapp facebook group in an individual’s phone. Admins who are usually Sr Professionals, sometimes pay to or to Part-time Virtual Personal Assistants in India to manage a meetup/facebook/whatsapp group and spend time, energy and effort to moderate the group. It’s like a charity for them. A little bit of respect or gratitude for them will go a long way. Try to be polite with others and be helpful to other members. Not being able to follow below house rules, will get you cautions and at 3rd caution you will be removed from the group. Sometimes, no caution will be given. There is no predefined rule about cautions.
  3. The groups which have “events” or “meetups” in their title are for real world meetups. Don’t post forwards or non-event related posts in them. Not even charity appeals. Try to show up for events organised in them by admins or members at least once in 3 months. Or please join back later when you are not that busy. Non event attending members are removed from whatsapp groups 2-3 times a year but not removed from groups mentioned here . Use meetup app to find out about our next activity/social meetup.
  4. Note: Pics will be taken in our socials by members and members are free to post them anywhere (facebook, whatsapp etc). Please don’t join if you have any issues with that.
  5. Posting obscene, non-veg jokes, double meaning jokes, or religious hatred stuff will get you cautions or removed straight away. Stick with the subject of group and don’t post non-relevant stuff. Don’t post other Group’s Invites into our groups before asking Admin. That’s like going into a restaurant and announcing to all patrons to come to other restaurant 😱 To some that’s not an Obvious offence, hence we have to write it here.  Check with admins first if you are in doubt about any post. Better safe than sorry. It’s not fun to be removed from a group in front of everyone for being careless or silly.
  6. No Political debates in our GROUPS. Political threads divide people, polarise people etc and leads to bad taste angry debates and arguments. Purpose of these groups is to mingle and have fun by sharing jokes events news jobs helpful info etc not political debates. Period. 🙏  Our admins are known to remove even their friends from these groups without any favoritism or partiality. Making fun of any political/govt/crazy/celebrity entity or jokes about them are allowed as long as don’t  involve discrimination like racism, caste, hatred, non-veg & cheap/low level language types. You can post stuff and express feelings against those who are against India but please understand that having views against a political party or leader doesn’t mean person is anti-Indian. Don’t become a propaganda machine for any subject or political party. We are well educated people here, let’s try to maintain a harmonious & decent atmosphere which is expected from decent people. 🙏
  7. Please limit your posts on any subject, don’t dominate the group e.g. posts about politics or football.
  8. Posting any kind of self Business Promotion Links too often (without permission) and without request, will get you banned (informative blogs are an exception). Even with permission from admins, you shouldn’t post a business promotion link more than once a link. Only info about desi events are allowed to be posted everyday nearer their deadline.
  9. Posting anything which shows Indian Community in bad light, will get you banned. Little bit of cribbing is fine, admin will caution you when it gets too much.
  10. Opinionated non-political debates are fine but drunken fights and low level (cheap or swearing) language will get you banned. Any kind of swearing will get you banned. Admins don’t take sides, they can also ban both sides. Matter closed 🙂 Better take your debate to 1-2-1 chat.
  11. Any sort of arguments with Admins will surely get you banned. Cribbing about admins or their actions will get you banned. Because of hundreds of members, Admins can’t find time to debate each and every ban case or provide an explanation for their actions. So please don’t do anything in the first place which can provoke an action by Admins. They are Admins for a reason. Please follow the rules enforced by Admins or leave quietly. We understand that you don’t have to agree with our rules and policies and so If you are unhappy in our groups then you are most welcome to leave & create your own group and run it by your own rules.
  12. Once you are banned, sorry buddy, you are banned from the group for life. Absolutely no way to get you unbanned. Sorry, You don’t have any right to appeal. Many say sorry next day when they have calmed down but then it’s too late. 🙂

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